Square Dusters

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Need a Caller or Want to Schedule a Dance?

There are a number of callers in the area that might be able to do this for you:

Roger Schappell: http://www.rogerschappell.com, 970-229-0288
Kim Hohnholt: kimhohnholt@yahoo.com, 303-993-2312 (Betty's cell)
Mike Oliveri: http://home.netcom.com/~mfo/, 303-489-0407

Mark Hammett: McHammett8366@msn.com, 970-219-6498

You will have to contact the callers regarding cost.

All of the callers in Colorado can be found on http://coloradosquaredance.com/index.php/callers-cuers.


Other Square Dance Clubs in the Area

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Colorado State Square Dance Association

For web sites that show you animated calls and how they should be performed, see Open Squares  and TamTwirlers.

DOSADO.com is a good source for all kinds of square dance information.

Square Dance Resource Net A Vast resource of square dance and other dance information.

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