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Need a caller for a dance or to schedule a demo?

The names listed below are just few of the callers in the area who can help:

• Roger Schappell: (970) 229-0288
• Mike Oliveri: or (303) 489-0407

For a complete list of callers in Colorado, visit

* Contact callers for prices

Square Dance Clubs in the Area

  • Barn Owls (all-plus club) in Berthoud

  • Foot & Fiddle  in Windsor
  • Merry Mixers in Greeley
  • Ponderosa Promenaders in Ft. Collins
  • Red Rock Ramblers - Summer dances
  • Skirts and Shirts  in Wiggins
  • Prairie Promenaders in Cheyenne, WY
  • Quadra Dangle in Laramie, WY

Square Dancing Links...

  Colorado State Square Dance Association

For web sites that show you animated calls and how they should be performed, visit TamTwirlers.

For a selection of square dance music, visit  DOSADO.

For a wide selection of square dance recourses, visit Square Dance Resource Net.

Live Lively, Square Dance